The state of Illinois is known—not just in the U.S., but across the globe—for its tough crime laws… and its very serious consequences for breaking those laws.

Why Hire a Skokie Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you’re in legal trouble, whether you’ve been accused of a misdemeanor offense or a felony offense, you might need to talk to a Skokie criminal defense lawyer.

A simple misdemeanor charge in Skokie, whether it’s a DUI or retail theft, can result in hefty fines, imprisonment, and even the loss of your driving privileges. Remember, this can be true even for misdemeanors in Illinois.

For most people, it’s a good idea to hire a Skokie criminal defense lawyer.

What Will a Skokie Criminal Defense Lawyer Do for You?

Your Skokie criminal defense lawyer will have plenty of questions for you, which you should answer honestly. (Your attorney can’t defend what he doesn’t know, so it’s important that you share all the important details about your case.)

Your lawyer will explain your rights, walk you through the possible penalties you’re facing if you’re convicted in court, and develop a strategy that gets you the best possible outcome. While no two cases are alike, many people find that it’s best to work with an experienced criminal lawyer who’s familiar with the Skokie courtsand prosecutors; ideally, you’ll choose to work with a former prosecutor who understands both sides of each case.

Your attorney will go to court with you, and he’ll represent your best interests the whole time. He can negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf, and he can argue your case in front of the judge. If you’re in police custody, your attorney can visit you and give you legal counsel, too—and he can help ensure that police aren’t violating your constitutional rights while you’re in custody.

Do You Need to Talk to a Skokie Criminal Defense Lawyer Now?

If you need to talk to a Skokie criminal defense lawyer, call us at 847-920-4540 for a free case review. Whether you’re facing a simple misdemeanor charge or you’re looking at a serious felony, we can help—and the sooner you call us, the sooner we can begin working on your defense.

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