My son got himself in trouble in Chicago in late 2019. After reading numerous reviews, I settled on the service of Matt Fakhoury. The experience lived up to his excellent reviews. After our first meeting, I felt that his knowledge and experience would serve my son’s interests well. Both his prior experience as a prosecutor and his positive attitude lead me to believe that he could do the job. He was able to get all charges dismissed after only two court dates. He then began the process of getting the arrest expunged. The pandemic set in and there were delays because of the pandemic. However, Matt’s office kept us updated whenever a change occurred. Additionally, Matt and his staff were always responsive to our needs and questions. We always heard back in a timely fashion. Matt not only got the charges dropped but he was able to have the arrest expunged. I would sincerely recommend Matt without reservation.

Anonymous, January 2021

In late December of 2018 I was involved arrested for on a Felony Aggravated DUI charge after I drove over a curb and managed to get stuck. I searched for lawyers in the Cook County area only to be referred to Matt. The prosecutor was pushing for a 4 year jail sentence, and even had me booked with a $100k bond after I blew a .001 through a breathalyzer prior to one of my court dates. Matt stood fast and supported me every step of the way, unlike other lawyers whom I’ve dealt with in the past. I’ve suffered from Bi-polar 2 disorder throughout my adult life, which has admittedly resulted in bad decisions, and Matt wholeheartedly empathized with my situation. Ultimately, after watching the bodycam footage (which in both Matt’s and my opinion showed that I clearly passed the field sobriety test despite not wearing my prescription glasses) he gave me the choice whether I’d like to fight the charge in trial or take a plea deal. By my own accord I chose the plea deal which was far from the 4 years of incarceration that the prosecutor and judge were pushing for. I ended up serving a mere 10 days in county with 2 years of Mental Health Probation. I honestly couldn’t recommend a better defense attorney! Thank You again Matt!

Gregory, May 2020

Absolutely one of the top attorneys I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Matt and his team by far exceeded expectations. The consult piece was dealt with 100% transparency. I would recommend to anyone.

Matthew, May 2020

Matt used his excellent conscientious approach to understand the case and provide his professional expertise at the right time. He was honest, bold and highly efficient to stand up against the odds presented during court sessions and fight for the truth on behalf of the client. He and his team provides the right advice and assurance to the clients throughout the whole process.

Anonymous, February 2020

Really good attorney!! Did a great job with my case.

Pawel, December 2019

Matt and his colleague Chloe were very diligent, swift and professional in handling my situation. This included addressing all of my questions and concerns promptly. They made me feel very comfortable and confident that I was being represented by the most competent attorneys available.

Yousef, June 2019

Matt is the very best in his field! He’s hard working and knowledgeable which put me at ease with my case. Don’t risk going with someone else. If you want it done right the 1st time without someone who’s going to drag things out to get your money, go to Matt.

Jenny, June 2019

Matt was very specific in explaining my options and never minded the intrusion of emails from me. Under my circumstances he got me the best possible outcome and that’s all I could have asked for. While I don’t plan on going through this again, I would not hesitate to … Matt again or recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.

Anonymous, June 2019

I highly recommend! They were able to seal a class 1 felony for me with no issues! Thank you so much! It has changed my life and now I was able to get my real estate license! Thank you!!

Allen P., March 2019

Amazing lawyer! Incredibly knowledgeable, willing to answer questions, irregardless of how many, very quickly responds to the multiple questions. Hopefully the need won’t arise, but if does Mr. Fakhoury is my go to lawyer.

Ahmed B.

I couldn’t be happier with Matt as my sons attorney. It was a very difficult case with a not so understanding judge. Matt worked extremely hard to get the outcome that we could live with. The one thing I was grateful was the fact that Matt would explain what was going on. If I had questions, he was always quick to respond.  I would highly recommend Matt and his firm to anyone headed to court.

Barb G.

Matthew Fakhoury is a great lawyer and an honest, down to earth professional.  He helped me expunge a past arrest that I wanted off my record.  It wasn’t a big deal to him, but it was to me, and he was very patient and understanding with my concerns. I had inquired about the possibility of expediting the process a little bit, which would have cost more money. While Matt was willing to do it, he also reassured me that it wasn’t necessary, and that I should save my money. Everything worked out exactly as he said it would, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and Matt’s follow through. I’m now in an Ivy League school pursuing my dreams, and will never have to worry about this again.


My experience with attorney Matt Fakhoury was outstanding. He was professional, honest, helpful, and straight to the point. When I went to the court house with him he knew everyone, the lawyers, the judges, and even the clerks. Even opposing council knew and respected him. I would highly recommend using Mr. Fakhoury if you ever get into any kind of trouble. He is a miracle worker.

Rommie K.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Matt and his team!  I had a special case from many years ago and they were able to help me when no one else could. Everything was explained to me in detail and I was always notified of how the case was going.  I I highly recommend the law offices of Matt Fakhoury. Their knowledge and professionalism made my situation better. Thank you I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work.

Marcelo C.

Living in Scottsdale, AZ, I flew in to Chicago to attend my former employer’s b-day party. Within hours of landing in Chicago, I was issued a DUI. My whole trip was turned upside down. I spoke with several lawyers and after careful consideration decided that Matt Fakoury was my best choice . He proved me right! Matt is very experienced, straight forward & kept me apprised of the legal process. He was easy to reach & has excellent rapport with the legal community. He’s a great legal strategist & I was very pleased  to be found not guilty!

Debbie M.

Matt is the real deal. He took great care of me from our first conversation until the end. Happy to answer all questions in detail and in a timely fashion. Sharp guy who is EXTREMELY on point. I appreciated his honesty; he’s going to tell you exactly how it is. He was a former prosecutor, so he DEEPLY understands the other side of the coin. He was worth every penny. He’s well respected and knows a lot of people. He got me the BEST possible outcome. You want Matt on your team!

Anonymous, May 27, 2019

I would like to thank Matt and his staff for the excellent work they do. He has represented us in the most professional manner, his ethics are of the highest standards. He is the ONLY Attorney we will ever use!!

Joanne, May 13, 2019

Attorney Matthew and Atty. Vincent are the REAL DEAL! you don’t really know what to expect when you hire attorney, but I believe that they were Sincere, Specific, Didn’t waste my time, Concerned and Very Professional!I give this Law Firm a 10PLUS!!!

V.B., April 27, 2019

Matt Fakhoury is an exceptional attorney who truly cares about his clients and knows how to win! He was always available and very responsive all while providing strong support throughout the entire process. He is a man of great character and it is apparent when you see him in the courtroom with how much care he puts into handling his cases and how well he is liked by others. He saw things through to the end and it was very impressive how he went to battle for me. We got the results we were looking for! I’m very happy I used Matt’s services and would decide to do so again in a heartbeat.

George D., March 30, 2019

Perfect experience with great result! I recommend Mr. Fakhoury to anyone who is seeking EXCEPTIONAL ATTORNEY. Easy to reach and talk, professional lawyer. I wish I would’ve known him earlier. If any of my close one gets a ticket I know whom to call know without a second thought.

February 25, 2019

Matt is a very great lawyer, and always made time to respond to emails and take calls. Very dedicated, and very happy with the service.

January 7, 2019

Matt is the best. He is incredibly responsive, walked me through the process from the start, and gave me realistic expectations. He continued to communicate up to my court date and then was extremely effective in court. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Jamie Druckman December 27, 2018

Matt is unbelievable at what he does. The best I’ve worked with so far. Very responsive, professional and caring. Always up to speed on what to do and what’s going on. Very easy to work with and his pricing is better than any. My lawyer for life! Worth every penny. Also has a great team!

Nahera Hermis December 14, 2018

I can’t say enough about how painless and great the process was, working with Matt and his team. Not only did they get me the results I wanted for my criminal record sealing case, but they were responsive, professional, easy to work with, and worth every penny. He answered every question I had in a timely and direct manner, was straight with me on my chances of having my petition granted, and was able to represent me from out of state without any issues. I would highly recommend his services.

December 11, 2018

Matt is a very good lawyer, and always made time to respond to emails and take calls. Very professional, and very happy with the service.

November 16, 2018

Mr. Fakhoury helped advise me when I was a witness on a criminal case. He was professional and took the time to listen before advising. He also had a strong knowledge of the courts and process on both sides. He was responsive and well organized.

Brittany Ogilvie November 9, 2018

I was looking for an expungement lawyer when I found Mr. Fakhoury on avvo. He had excellent reviews and specialized in what I needed. He and his associate had good communication throughout the process, and the pricing seemed fair. They set everything up, and got me a full expungement in the end. Job well done.

October 9, 2018

Matt is the best attorney I have ever worked with. I made an inquiry online and he contacted me quickly to discuss my case. He is very professional and kept me informed at every step of the process. I was very nervous and he reassured me that I didn’t have to be. He won the case and I’m so happy I chose him to represent me. I highly recommend him!

Jaime I. October 8, 2018

Attorney Matthew Fakhoury was always available to answer my email questions. also his partner Matthew Amarin was my actual counsel for both my court dates and he was courteous & professional at all times. I proudly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of their legal services.

Sir Ira September 15, 2018

“Very professional and on top of things. I’d definitely recommend their services!”

Erasmo AlarcoSeptember 6, 2018

He did a great job with our case, we’re really happy!!! Thank You!!!

Pawel Rusek August 6, 2018

Extraordinary attorney ! His professionalism, knowledge and kindness makes him an absolute pleasure to work with !

Monika Lukaszuk August 4, 2018

Aggressive, defensive, and reliable. Really, all the qualities you want in a lawyer that is protecting your future, you will find in Matt. Matt won a case on my behalf, efficiently and decisively. I left the courtroom with a not guilty verdict and other people in the courtroom were clamoring to get his contact info because of the way he handled business. Matt pays meticulous attention to details and stays on top of his game. This is the lawyer you want in your corner.

Keenan Lambert July 18, 2018

Thank you Matt and associates for un sticking a very sticky situation. We couldn’t be happier with firm and the service provided.

Jason S. July 11, 2018

Matt and Stacey were professional, reliable, prompt, and personable. I highly recommend them and would return as a client if need be.

– Valerie May 22, 2018

Matt did his job
had some problems and I hired Matt to be my attorney. Matt told me as it is. He didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, but what the reality is. He always did exactly has he said he would and did it promptly. He was upfront about everything and knows his area of the law and was able to give very accurate explanations and predictions. He never got 1 of his predictions wrong.

– Brian March 18, 2018

Moving Violation – DUI
I don’t know where to begin. Last year I found myself in a bad situation. Researching and trying to find the absolute best possible help in my situation I found Matt Fakhoury. I spoke with a handful of attorneys, but after speaking with Matt I knew he was the real deal. He was smart, honest, realistic, and straight to the point. In the end he was able to pull off, what I thought was a miracle. Him and his team are the absolute best and it’s a no brainer to hire them.

– DM March 8, 2018

Working with Mr. Fakhoury was a positive experience with clear instructions and prompt communication. I am very satisfied and highly recommend him for others.

– Jay November 14, 2017

I received a ticket that required a court appearance while I was going to be out of town. I reached out via email and was contacted by Matt Fakhoury within a short amount of time. He reviewed my options with me over the phone, put a plan into place and followed up with me via email in advance of the court date. He was able to get court supervision for me and I had to pay the mandatory court fees. This was a very good outcome for me. Matt was professional, followed up and handled my case with no problems.

– Joscelyn November 9, 2017

Easy to work with. Responsible, responsive, Man of his word.

– JM November 5, 2017

Matt handled my matter quickly and with minimal cost had I gone other routes. He is professional and most important reachable by many forms of communication…invaluable in any business!

– Bart August 11, 2017

Was in need of a last minute lawyer. Googled one for my type of case and he was top rated and now I know why. He was very informative, professional and helped me all the way with my case. Would highly recommend!

– J.S. August 8, 2017

Very profressional and great outcome!! Matt (and Chloe from his practice) represented me in traffic court. I was facing 4 different traffic tickets for the same instance with one of them being a misdemeanor with the potential suspension of my license and significant fines. Having never been in a similar situation before, I reviewed Matt’s background/profile and contacted him. He was professional and thoroughly explained the process and potential outcomes. In the end, his firm was able to have 3 of the tickets dismissed and the 4th reduced to a simple traffic ticket where I only had supervision (no conviction) and minimal fees. I would highly recommend Matt to friends, family, public, etc.!

– A Pleased Client July 26, 2017

Exactly What We Needed! We consider ourselves lucky to have found Matt when we did. With our case days away, we were overwhelmed with emotions, confusion, and questions. Matt solved all of that and more! He eased our worries about the court process and was able to get the case dismissed, but above all else, gave us peace of mind. We are grateful for his service and highly recommend him.

– A satisfied client May 28, 2017

The best lawyer you’ll encounter! We were struggling to find a lawyer in a difficult time while other lawyers didn’t seem to care and wanted to take advantage of us. Matt helped us through every step, was always on time and extremely professional with his work, not only that but he would take the time to interact with us when we needed him. The case took about 2 years, because of the severity of the situation, from start to finish Matt was there for us and was always frank with us regardless of the outcome. If you need a lawyer call someone else but if you need an excellent lawyer that will be there for you, Matt Fakhoury is the best choice.

– David D. May 21, 2017

I called Matt on a Sunday and he responded back to me on the same day. I was a bit ignorant of the significance of my speeding ticket, and Matt coached me through it. He delegated my case to Chloe who was equally informative and supportive. She arrived on my court date on time, courteous, and ready. I was out in 30 min. For something I was really concerned about, they handled it well. I would recommend their services anytime.

– A Pleased Client May 16, 2017

Matt did an outstanding job all around. He is quick to respond, he stays in touch and gives you honest answers. He said all would work out well for my speeding ticket and it did. He definitely holds the bar high! Thanks Matt!

– Dawn Holter April 22, 2017

I recently received a ticket that was considered a misdemeanor. I was so worried since this was my first one. I contacted Matt via email on his website and within 15 mins he called me. We talked and he assured me all would be fine. Throughout, the days prior to the court date he kept in touch. My court date went super smooth and all turned out well, just as he said it would. I would have never imaged that the service I received would be as superior as it was. I would defiantly recommend him.

– Dawn Holter April 14, 2017

Matt represented our son in an alleged domestic violence case. He responded to phone calls quickly, made the entire family as comfortable as possible with the legal process, and was reassuring from the beginning. Bottom line: Through his efforts charges were dismissed on the very first court date.

– A satisfied client April 5, 2017

After getting pulled over for a DUI I felt lost and confused (I had only been pulled over twice before in over 13 years). I called Matt the next business day, and he put my mind at ease immediately! He made sure I understood every option, and best/worst case scenarios of each before we made decisions together. I had large amounts of anxiety over the whole case, but he was able to put my mind at ease each and every time. In the end Matt was able to get my license reinstated (almost immediately upon suspension), as well as get my DUI reduced to a reckless driving offense. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcomes of my case and I have Matt to thank for that!

– A satisfied client March 23, 2017

Matt is a high integrity lawyer, with the ability to overcome obstacles at a quick pace. He is the best in the business, and should be hired for all of your needs. His office is responsive and timely for all urgent matters. Matt also stays in direct communication via email/phone during the entire process. Don’t fear if you are in Matt’s hands.

– A very happy client February 17, 2017

I typically don’t do reviews but after my experience with Matt, I had to share it with others. Matt was very professional and knowledgeable about my case. Very confident and reassuring about what he can do. I was for sure facing jail time for a suspended license w/ 3 priors! Matt was able to get a deal in one court date with 1 yr supervision including NO fines!!

– A.N. December 14, 2016

After having a few different attorneys over my lifetime I can honestly say after finding Matt Fakhoury I feel I have the best representation possible. His communication, commanding yet respectful presence, experience on both sides of the courtroom and his genuine care for his clients is unmatched.

– Joshua October 22, 2016

You ever watched a movie? Lawyer movie? Matt brings this to life. His skills, which include presentation, his speech, his care for the client, and his belief in the client are one of the most untouchables ones. His whole officer is strong as him. He is a great guy, at times I wish he was a friend lol. Hire Matt, and he will present your case better than you can imagine. Hopefully, I don’t have to contact him again for legal matters, but if I ever need to, he will be the first lawyer I will ever call.

– Alek October 15, 2016

I have nothing but positive things to say about Matt. From the get-go, he could tell I was nervous and unsure what to expect, both for myself and what it would mean for my family. Every step of the way, he was very upfront but very reassuring. He helped us feel confident without getting our hopes up. The end result??? Better then we could have hoped had he not been with us throughout the process. While I don’t anticipate needing it again (who does?), his number will always be in my cell phone!

– Jeremy August 26, 2016

This summer I received an unexpected phone call from my teenage son very late at night that not only was he in a Schaumburg jail but that he had been pulled over for speeding, possession of marijuana and paraphenalia. That was his one phone call. I scrambled on the internet to receive legal help. I called 6 different attorneys that I saw on the internet that specialized in this area. Matt Fakhoury called me early in the morning and could definitely tell that I was frantic, nervous, and worried. He calmed me down and stated that he was going to take care of my son. His voice sounded confident, experienced, and forceful. His phone call provided me confidence that all was going to be okay. It was better than okay. For his first court date my son was released. One of the facts I discovered was that Matt Fakhoury had been a top prosecutor for the Rolling Meadows Circuit Court. When we walked in he knew everyone, knew the system, knew the drill. That right away gave me assurances that all was going to be fine for my son. Not only did Matt Fakhoury get him released on his first court date but he was able to get him into drug classes and eventually in just a few short months his record was expunged. I cannot thank Matt Fakhoury enough for everything he has done for my son and giving peace and wellbeing to my family. He certainly has a spot waiting for him in heaven for all he has done for us. If you are reading this and trying to make a decision on attorneys LOOK NO FURTHER!!! Matt Fakhoury is your man!

– Kevin August 8, 2016

Matt was extremely professional, straight forward, and efficient. His office handled my legal issues with great care, and I appreciated their service very much. Thank you!

– A very happy client July 24, 2016

Very professional legal services. They handled all issues in a timely and organized manner. Quick response to any questions that were raised.

– Hisham June 14, 2016

I found Matt on Avvo and I’m happy I did. He was up front about how much everything would be and very professional. He exceeded my expectations along with the judge even calling out how lucky I am to have such a great lawyer. I recommended Matt to my family and friends and they had the same great results. All and all if you want a lawyer who will fight for you and is trusting then use Matt.

– A very happy client June 12, 2016

My family and I are very thankful for Matt. Matt was very helpful and calming during a very trying period in our lives. He is very professional, knowledgeable and patient. We appreciated his straightforwardness and his ability to break down the process into layman’s terms. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone needing legal counsel.

– Olivia May 17, 2016

Matt is awesome! Matt was incredibly responsive every step of the way. He made us feel like we were his only client and was very attentive. In addition, his level of experience and professionalism is well respected by prosecutors as evidenced in the punishment received. We felt like Matt truly was by our side throughout the whole process. We highly recommend Matt to anyone facing legal trouble that requires expunging. Thank you, Matt for everything!

– Expungement client April 19, 2016

Very concrete, straight forward and no confusions from the perspective of a client. He informed and he represented me very well. He was also willing to answer all my question and he was quick to answer all my calls and emails.

– Eduardo January 26, 2016

Matt did a great job of setting and explaining expectations for me and then following through on them and being available when I reached out to him. I hope I don’t need his services in the future, but if I do, I’ll contact him and recommend Matt to others.

– Sam October 22, 2015

Only word to describe my Experience is: PERFECT. Very informative from initial contact until outcome of court date. Very efficient and gets the exact results he says he will. Very confident in Matt’s abilities and respect all his hard work. Thank you for being a man of your word.

– Dominick September 11, 2015

I was arrested several times five years ago. Matt Fakhoury helped my seal my cases, and was reasonably priced. He sealed my burglary arrest, and my theft cases. Helping change my life.

– Expungement client July 14, 2015

I cannot compare Mr. Matt Fakhoury to other lawyers, as he is the first lawyer I worked with, but I know quality service when I see and experience it. I have never been in a situation in any degree such as the one a few months ago, but Matt was assuring, informative, trustworthy, meticulous, and patient with me during the process. I was going through a rough time coping with my situation, but each time I spoke with Matt via email or phone, he was very optimistic and reassuring which helped me sleep at night; it’s great to see such an amazing personality and sincerity from someone of his stature. Mr. Fakhoury finished all the paperwork immediately and was very responsive with emails, phone calls, and last minute meetings. The outcome of my case (I was arrested and appointed a local ordinance ticket for solicitation) was dismissed yesterday and is in the process of being expunged even after pleading guilty the day of my arrest. Overall, Mr. Fakhoury is someone you want to have on your side when stepping into a courthouse. He is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and strives for the best outcome for your case. Thank you again Matt for all that you have done and continue to do. Words will never express my gratitude for your work and patience with me.

– Expungement Client June 22, 2015

I tried to expunge my records by utilizing a cheaper online service. Five months and a thousand dollars later they informed me that they couldn’t expunge my records. I was extremely disappointed. But I decided to contact a local attorney. While researching for and attorney, I stumbled into Mr. Fakhoury’s name (website) and I am so glad I did. He gathered all my information, called me right back, explained my options in details, he was very responsive to all my emails, I never felt as if I was bothering him and within a month he had both of my records expunged. He was polite and professional. I hope I would never need his services again but I will sure recommend anyone in need of these types of services to go to him. He means business, he is extraordinary at what he does, and the price was affordable.

– A very happy client May 26, 2015

Mr. Fakhoury did an exceptional overall job with handling my traffic case a few months ago. Matt was referred to me by a known personal injury attorney who stated Mr. Fakhoury was one of the best in the business. With what seemed to be an easy case to get dismissed, it was just the opposite. I had two traffic tickets which were pinned on me by an individual who blamed me for an accident. There was a mishap in the beginning of the hearing which lead to a quick judge trial after all other cases were done with. Matt was able to stay focused and I felt like he actually cared about the outcome, which ment a lot. After about a 45-1hr trial the case was dismissed and I was very pleased. The price I paid Matt is nothing compared to the work he accomplished in such little time. If I had to do it again I wouldn’t want anyone else representing me when it comes to traffic court. The man is a genius. He puts his mouth where the money is.

– Traffic Case Client April 18, 2015

At the first moment that I talked to Matt on the phone, I could tell he was a straight forward no BS kind of guy not willing to just tell you what you wanted to hear just to make a buck. He was/is very professional, and he was quick to answer any possible questions and status updates on my case via phone or email anytime day or night and even on weekends. He never became frustrated with me no matter questions or emails I sent. He handled my case even better and faster than I expected with great success. I couldn’t recommend him more, it was a very pleasant experience through a stressful situation from start to finish.

– Philip April 12, 2015

I don’t give an A++++++++ rating very often, but Mr. Fakhoury certainly deserves it. He is professional, courteous and takes a genuine interest in his clients. I would never hesitate to refer or use Mr. Fakhoury in the future. Thank you, Mr. Fakhoury, for a job well done!

– Rosemary March 15, 2015

I heard Matt’s ad at the gym & decided to give him a try. Even though all the other lawyers I spoke with said I couldn’t get my record sealed. Matt was super easy to work with & so worth it! Thanks to Matt I now have my record sealed & won’t be stressed out trying to look for an apartment.

– Brian March 10, 2015

Couldn’t be more thankful for the help that this great attorney offered! I almost had to face very serious consequences for what at the time was a simple and under informed mistake. Matt understood things from my perspective and knew how to make things right. I am now able to carry on with college and have no more worries of legal problems! 10/10 would recommend!!

– Austin March 8, 2015

Matt makes you feel comfortable from the beginning and not like some conniving lawyers, who look to take advantage of people’s mistakes. He’s a genuine individual who was looking out for my best interests from the beginning. He cut me break in his initial price based on my situation and what he knew he could do. I hired Matt in hopes that he would get my “driving while suspended” charge dismissed and he did just that. He was specific with what I needed to do on my end and what he would do on his end. He made no promises, but instead set realistic goals and possible outcomes. The kicker is I wasn’t able to see Matt at work due to unforeseen circumstances that made me miss court. Even though I created a hurdle for my situation, Matt was able to come out of the situation unscathed. For that I’m thankful for Matt and Im happy that I was able to find him. Matt is a confident, intelligent, and charismatic individual. Mr. Fakhoury truly is one of one and I can’t thank him enough for his service. I hope I never have to use a lawyer again, but I’ll be sure to call Matt if a situation arises.

– MikeMarch 2, 2015

Matt could not have been more professional, and effective at expunging 2 events in my past. I cannot say enough good things about him. One of my expungements the state objected to. Matt explain the situation clearly and while I considered giving up, He reassured me of his intentions to succeed. I calmed down. As i waited for my hearing in the courtroom, He was upfront working his legal craft. 90 people were waiting for a hearing. I was called first. As I approached the bench to answer some potential difficult questions before the judge, Matt said to me quietly, the state has grante d your expungement. The only thing the judge asked me was my name. Outside the courtroom he explained how he did it without even the required hearing. He quickly took advantage of the prosecutors missteps, along with his long term association with the courtroom. And I quote him ” Like a good Lawyer should, I was prepared in every way, the prosecutors were not” Fantastic! Thank you so much Matt.

– William February 16, 2015

Working with Matt made a difficult situation go smoothly. He is outstanding in court and professional in his office and all other communications.

– Matthew January 22, 2015

The bottom line when dealing with any business or professional is whether or not you would refer them to a loved one or close friend. In terms of my personal dealings with Matt Fakhoury as my attorney; that answer is a resounding yes. I chose Matt to represent me in a recent DUI case. I had a completely clean record and made a onetime mistake with my actions. However, I do need my car for my career and losing my license would put my livelihood at risk. Needless to say, I put all of my trust in Matt to defend me in this case. He was honest, direct, fast to respond and aggressive at settling things in a timely manner. Clearly Matt was quite experienced with handling issues like mine. Fortunately the outcome of my case well exceeded my expectations. I can’t thank Matt enough for what he did. I have already given several people close to me Matt’s contact information to save in their phones in case of an unfortunate incident. I can assure you that you will have no regrets by hiring Matt Fakhoury as your attorney.

– Mark December 24, 2014

If you want something done and done fast, I would recommend Matt. Other lawyers didn’t follow up with phone calls and seem to be a great hassle to get a hold of. Matt was quick and professional and got it done right the first time.

– Criminal Defense Client December 20, 2014

I have a lot to deal with in my personal life, not including all the stress the case gave me. Yet, Matt assure me that he would do everything possible to win the case. Which he did, the entire duration of the case Matt would continuously support me and always helped me feel comfortable and secure about the case. After months of waiting and emotional turmoil, we stepped into the final court hearing. Matt was relentless and swift with his defense actions. I was so happy to have hired him and I will continue to hold on to his card for friends and family if ever needed.

– Eric October 16, 2014

Mr. Fakhoury is an excellent communicator and is very straight forward. He gave me realistic expectations and followed through with everything he said he could do. He is very knowledgeable and consistent in his process. He made me feel comfortable and walked me through every step of the way.

– Criminal Defense Client September 25, 2014

Thank you! You were very professional and did what you promised. Matt did a great job for me. He kept me exceptions in line with what was doable and get me everything he promised me. I would recommend him 100%. Thanks again!

– Expungement client August 5, 2014

Matt Fakhoury demonstrated every aspect of legal representation/assistance that I could have asked for. He was extremely knowledgeable about the details pertaining to my case and also carries himself in an extremely professional way. He does his job in a manner that is comforting, without giving false hope, but still shows passionate confidence when appropriate. His rates were extremely reasonable and has given me reason to believe he is amongst the top criminal lawyers in the Chicagoland area.

– DUI Client August 4, 2014