“They Helped Me Get Out of My Problem”

Law offices of MATT FAKHOURY were awesome! They helped me get out of my problem. Kept me up to date with everything and easy to work with. Definitely recommend.

Hugo, June 2022

“You Will Not Regret the Call”

Call them now. Very professional. You will not regret the call. I promise you.

Corey, May 2022

“My Experience Working With This Office Was Excellent!!!”

My experience working with this office was excellent!!! They respond quick, keep you updated on everything that’s going on, and actually get back to you when they say they will! You don’t see that nowadays everyone is always “because of Covid” so I’m completely satisfied and would refer them to anyone needing assistance! Thank you all!

Yaisha, March 2022

“We Could Not Be Happier!”

Matt was incredibly responsive and his team took care of everything we needed within hours of speaking with him. We could not be happier!

Andrew, March 2022

“I Didn’t Have to Do a Thing”

Fantastic team of lawyers. I didn’t have to do a thing and got all my needs taken care of!

Roman, March 2022

“He Lives up to the Excellent Reviews”

My son got himself in trouble in Chicago in late 2019. After reading numerous reviews, I settled on the service of Matt Fakhoury. The experience lived up to his excellent reviews. After our first meeting, I felt that his knowledge and experience would serve my son’s interests well. Both his prior experience as a prosecutor and his positive attitude lead me to believe that he could do the job. He was able to get all charges dismissed after only two court dates.

He then began the process of getting the arrest expunged. The pandemic set in and there were delays because of the pandemic. However, Matt’s office kept us updated whenever a change occurred. Additionally, Matt and his staff were always responsive to our needs and questions. We always heard back in a timely fashion. Matt not only got the charges dropped but he was able to have the arrest expunged. I would sincerely recommend Matt without reservation.
Anonymous, January 2021
Reviews Matt Fakhour

“Absolutely One of the Top Attorneys”

Absolutely one of the top attorneys I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Matt and his team by far exceeded expectations. The consult piece was dealt with 100% transparency. I would recommend to anyone.
Matthew, May 2020

“I Felt Very Comfortable and Confident”

Matt and his colleague Chloe were very diligent, swift and professional in handling my situation. This included addressing all of my questions and concerns promptly. They made me feel very comfortable and confident that I was being represented by the most competent attorneys available.
Yousef, June 2019

“I Got the Best Possible Outcome”

Matt was very specific in explaining my options and never minded the intrusion of emails from me. Under my circumstances he got me the best possible outcome and that’s all I could have asked for. While I don’t plan on going through this again, I would not hesitate to … Matt again or recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.
Anonymous, June 2019

“Incredibly Knowledgeable”

Amazing lawyer! Incredibly knowledgeable, willing to answer questions, irregardless of how many, very quickly responds to the multiple questions. Hopefully the need won’t arise, but if does Mr. Fakhoury is my go to lawyer.
Ahmed B.

“I Would Highly Recommend Matt Fakhoury and His Firm”

I couldn’t be happier with Matt as my sons attorney. It was a very difficult case with a not so understanding judge. Matt worked extremely hard to get the outcome that we could live with. The one thing I was grateful was the fact that Matt would explain what was going on. If I had questions, he was always quick to respond.  I would highly recommend Matt and his firm to anyone headed to court.
Barb G.
Reviews for Matt Fakhoury Attorney

“Trust the Reviews… His Knowledge and Professionalism Made My Situation Better”

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Matt and his team!  I had a special case from many years ago and they were able to help me when no one else could. Everything was explained to me in detail and I was always notified of how the case was going.  I highly recommend the law offices of Matt Fakhoury. Their knowledge and professionalism made my situation better. Thank you I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work.
Marcelo C.

“Matt Fakhoury is a Great Legal Strategist”

Living in Scottsdale, AZ, I flew in to Chicago to attend my former employer’s b-day party. Within hours of landing in Chicago, I was issued a DUI. My whole trip was turned upside down. I spoke with several lawyers and after careful consideration decided that Matt Fakoury was my best choice.

He proved me right! Matt is very experienced, straight forward & kept me apprised of the legal process. He was easy to reach & has excellent rapport with the legal community. He’s a great legal strategist & I was very pleased  to be found not guilty!
Debbie M.
Reviews of Matthew M. Fakhoury

“The Service Was Truly Superb!”

Attorney Wilder is such a fantastic attorney and I highly recommend the Law Office of Matt Fakhoury. The service was truly superb!
Christopher, July 2022

“Matt… cares about each case”

Matt is not only an outstanding lawyer that delivers results, he’s also a amazing human that cares about each case and is a great pleasure to work with. Highly recommend, thanks again Matt
Chris, June 2022

“You Won’t Regret the Call”

Why are you still reading??? Start calling. You won’t regret the call. Professionalism at its finest.
Corey, May 2022

“Put Your Trust in Him and He Will Do What’s Best for You”

Matt is extremely knowledgeable and also trustworthy. He deeply impacted the outcome of my case and I recommend anyone to use him if you’re looking for a new attorney. Put your trust in him and he will do what’s best for you. Thanks again Matt
Eric, April 2022

“How Amazing!”

Matt and his team deliver RESULTS. Excellent communication and follow up throughout the process. I was hoping my referral would get supervision and maybe a small fine for a moving traffic violation / car accident that resulted in my referral getting multiple tickets. However Not only did Matt get the tickets dismissed, no fines were assessed, and NO supervision was deemed necessary. How Amazing! I Highly Recommend Matt a qualified and competent former States Attorney!
Sam, March 2022

“I Couldn’t Recommend a Better Defense Attorney”

In late December of 2018 I was involved arrested for on a Felony Aggravated DUI charge after I drove over a curb and managed to get stuck. I searched for lawyers in the Cook County area only to be referred to Matt. The prosecutor was pushing for a 4 year jail sentence, and even had me booked with a $100k bond after I blew a .001 through a breathalyzer prior to one of my court dates.

Matt stood fast and supported me every step of the way, unlike other lawyers whom I’ve dealt with in the past. I’ve suffered from Bi-polar 2 disorder throughout my adult life, which has admittedly resulted in bad decisions, and Matt wholeheartedly empathized with my situation. Ultimately, after watching the bodycam footage (which in both Matt’s and my opinion showed that I clearly passed the field sobriety test despite not wearing my prescription glasses) he gave me the choice whether I’d like to fight the charge in trial or take a plea deal.

By my own accord I chose the plea deal which was far from the 4 years of incarceration that the prosecutor and judge were pushing for. I ended up serving a mere 10 days in county with 2 years of Mental Health Probation. I honestly couldn’t recommend a better defense attorney! Thank You again Matt! ★★★★★
Gregory, May 2020

“Honest, Bold and Highly Efficient”

Matt used his excellent conscientious approach to understand the case and provide his professional expertise at the right time. He was honest, bold and highly efficient to stand up against the odds presented during court sessions and fight for the truth on behalf of the client. He and his team provides the right advice and assurance to the clients throughout the whole process.
Anonymous, February 2020

“Great Job!”

Really good attorney!! Did a great job with my case.
Pawel, December 2019
Reviews Matt Fakhoury Criminal Defense

“If You Want it Done Right the First Time… Go to Matt.”

Matt is the very best in his field! He’s hard working and knowledgeable which put me at ease with my case. Don’t risk going with someone else. If you want it done right the 1st time without someone who’s going to drag things out to get your money, go to Matt.
Jenny, June 2019

“The Reviews Are Right… it Has Changed My Life”

I highly recommend! They were able to seal a class 1 felony for me with no issues! Thank you so much! It has changed my life and now I was able to get my real estate license! Thank you!!
Allen P., March 2019

“Everything Worked Out Exactly as He Said it Would”

Matthew Fakhoury is a great lawyer and an honest, down to earth professional.  He helped me expunge a past arrest that I wanted off my record.  It wasn’t a big deal to him, but it was to me, and he was very patient and understanding with my concerns.

I had inquired about the possibility of expediting the process a little bit, which would have cost more money. While Matt was willing to do it, he also reassured me that it wasn’t necessary, and that I should save my money.

Everything worked out exactly as he said it would, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and Matt’s follow through. I’m now in an Ivy League school pursuing my dreams, and will never have to worry about this again.

“He is a Miracle Worker”

My experience with attorney Matt Fakhoury was outstanding. He was professional, honest, helpful, and straight to the point. When I went to the court house with him he knew everyone, the lawyers, the judges, and even the clerks. Even opposing council knew and respected him. I would highly recommend using Mr. Fakhoury if you ever get into any kind of trouble. He is a miracle worker.
Rommie K.

“He Was a Former Prosecutor, So He DEEPLY Understands the Other Side of the Coin”

Matt is the real deal. He took great care of me from our first conversation until the end. Happy to answer all questions in detail and in a timely fashion. Sharp guy who is EXTREMELY on point.

I appreciated his honesty; he’s going to tell you exactly how it is. He was a former prosecutor, so he DEEPLY understands the other side of the coin. He was worth every penny. He’s well respected and knows a lot of people. He got me the BEST possible outcome. You want Matt on your team!
Anonymous, May 27, 2019

“His Ethics Are of the Highest Standards”

I would like to thank Matt and his staff for the excellent work they do. He has represented us in the most professional manner, his ethics are of the highest standards. He is the ONLY Attorney we will ever use!!
Joanne, May 13, 2019

“I’m Very Happy I Used Matt’s Services”

Matt Fakhoury is an exceptional attorney who truly cares about his clients and knows how to win! He was always available and very responsive all while providing strong support throughout the entire process.

He is a man of great character and it is apparent when you see him in the courtroom with how much care he puts into handling his cases and how well he is liked by others. He saw things through to the end and it was very impressive how he went to battle for me. We got the results we were looking for! I’m very happy I used Matt’s services and would decide to do so again in a heartbeat.
George D., March 30, 2019