Many people are charged with retail theft in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs during the holiday season, and in most cases, the people accused of stealing things don’t know where to turn for help. Do you?

What to Do if You’re Charged with Retail Theft in Chicago

Maybe it was an accident, or maybe you hoped you wouldn’t be caught. Either way, if you’re charged with retail theft in Chicago or any of the surrounding suburbs, you don’t have to answer the questions police are asking you.

You have the right to remain silent, and in a situation like this, you should absolutely use it. There’s no reason for you to talk to police without your theft attorney present… even if you’re completely innocent.

Why Shouldn’t You Talk to Police?

The police have one job once you’re in custody, and it’s to get you to admit that you’re guilty. In some cases, they’ll resort to underhanded tactics to get you to admit guilt (even if you’re not guilty at all).

They may tell you that things will go “better” for you if you’re honest. They might tell you that they’ll change your charges if you admit to stealing something. Maybe they’ll even tell you that you’ll sit in jail over the holidays unless you give them the information they want.

Even if you are innocent, you shouldn’t try to proclaim your innocence to the police (unless your attorney tells you to, because every case is different).

But who’s protecting your rights in this situation? The police aren’t looking out for you. They’re just trying to get you to take the rap for something that they believe you did.

That’s why you need a lawyer by your side. Your attorney will make sure that your rights haven’t been violated up to this point, and he’ll ensure that police don’t cross the line from here forward.

Whether you’ve been charged in Cook County or in DuPage County, you do not have to talk to police. All you have to do is request that your lawyer is present the next time they want to speak with you. In most cases, that’s the best choice.

If you have been charged with retail theft in DuPage County or in Cook County, we can help. Call 847-920-4540 right away to make sure that your rights are protected under Illinois and federal law.

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