If you’ve been charged with a crime in Skokie, Rolling Meadows or Chicago—or any of the other communities, for that matter—you’ll have your day in court.

Some people bring their children to court with them.

In most, if not all, cases, that’s a bad idea.

Should You Bring Your Children to Court?

Typically, you should not bring your children to court with you.


Court is a formal environment, and kids have a tough time blending in. Additionally, you don’t want to be distracted when it’s your turn to go before the judge. You need to focus 100 percent of your attention on the proceedings, and if your kids are there, you’ll likely have a tough time doing that.

The Formality of Court

As you probably already know, court is exceptionally formal. In fact, it’s so formal that you can’t wear casual clothes (we even have a list of things you can and can’t wear to court). You need to be quiet and respectful, and when the judge addresses you (or your Chicago criminal defense lawyer), you need to focus all your attention on him or her.

What to Do if You Have No Childcare

You should always discuss everything with your attorney. If you’re having a tough time getting childcare when you go to court, tell your lawyer—he may be able to help change your hearing date and time, or he might have some suggestions about what else you can do.

For example, the Circuit Court has Children’s Advocacy Rooms, which are designed just for kids, that you may be able to use.

The bottom line: do your best to find childcare before you have to go to court.

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