The New Driver’s License Law for Immigrants in Illinois Without a Valid Visa

In January of 2013, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed SB 957 into law. This law enables immigrants without a valid visa or green card to obtain a state-issued driver’s license, known as a Temporary Visitor Driver’s License (TVDL). When signed in January of 2013, it was estimated that the law would go into effect in Fall of 2013 — in other words, NOW! Illinois is now the fourth state to authorize undocumented immigrants to drive legally.

The TVDL is an existing document that is now available to many foreign-born individuals living in Illinois. Since 2005, Illinois has issued TVDLs to individuals who do not have social security numbers, but who do have lawful immigration status. SB 957 makes TVDLs available even to undocumented motorists who need to drive for employment, educational, or other purposes.
The requirements to obtain a TVDL are as follows:

• Proof of Illinois residence for at least one year;
• Proof of a valid passport or consular ID;
• Proof of ineligibility for a Social Security Number;
• Pass all applicable vision, written, and road tests;
• Proof of insurance for the vehicle to be used for the road test;
• Pay a $30 fee.

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