Being arrested for driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license is a serious offense in Illinois.  Your license may have been suspended for a number of reasons, from failure to pay child support, to lack of insurance, or even a DUI.

Without proper representation, your suspension could be lengthened or your license permanently revoked.  Defendants are often under the impression that driving on a suspended license is simply a ticket/citation.  However, depending on the circumstances, this seemingly simple citation could be charged as a felony.

If you have been arrested for driving on a suspended or revoked license, call former prosecutor Matt Fakhoury today.  As your attorney, Matt Fakhoury will vigorously defend you in court.As a former traffic prosecutor, Matt Fakhoury has an extensive record of success in fighting suspended or revoked license cases.  Matt Fakhoury and his team will listen to your side of the story, and craft a thorough defense based on your individual needs.

For a free case review, call Attorney Matt Fakhoury today: (847) 920-4540.

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