Black Friday sales brought Christmas shoppers out in droves this past weekend to take advantage of great deals.  Retailers were prepared for shoppers and had their loss prevention departments on high alert.  Many retailers caught people red handed and pressed charges against them.

Although most of these cases are misdemeanors, the offense of Retail Theft is considered a crime of Moral Turpitude that can have serious ramifications on your life. Moral Turpitude refers to conduct that is against society’s morals and implies a deceitfulness and lack of honesty as to one’s character. Potential employers, college admissions counselors, and even vocational licensing boards exclude those charged or convicted of a crime of Moral Turpitude.
If you have been arrested for Retail Theft, it is imperative to resolve the case quickly and correctly by removing from your record.  Contact the Law Offices of Matt Fakhoury for a case review at
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