When a police officer knocks on your door and asks to speak to you, it is almost never a good situation.  In many instances, an officer is requesting to speak to you because you are a suspect to a crime.  The purpose of the conversation is simple: The police want a confession.

Most people are aware that they have the right to remain silent and are entitled to an attorney during questioning.  However, they are often too scared to request an attorney or feel that if they do, the police officer won’t be as lenient as he promises to be.  Clients constantly tell us, “the officer said he would tell the judge to take it easy on us because we cooperated.”

The truth of the matter is the police will attempt to manipulate you in order to get the single best piece of evidence they can use in court – A Confession!

If a police officer is attempting to contact you it is always better to have an attorney represent you from the get go. At the Law Offices of Matt Fakhoury, we proactively defend clients before they are arrested or even questioned by law enforcement to ensure their rights are protected.

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