Police and prosecutors conduct detailed investigations when one is charged with a serious crime. But should the defendant or his attorney always rely on the investigation conducted by the government?  The answer is NO!!!  Police and prosecutors have one thing in mind when conducting a criminal investigation:   To Charge Their Suspect.  Thus if they believe someone committed an offense, they will look for inculpatory evidence to support their theory.  All too often, the investigation conducted by the police is flawed and full of exculpatory evidence: Eye Witnesses that were never interviewed, Solid Alibis, and Contaminated Forensic Evidence.

It is imperative to hire a firm with the ability to conduct its own investigation – free and clear of government influence and pressure.  The Law Offices of Matt Fakhoury recently conducted its own independent investigation for a client charged with Attempted Murder.  After a thorough investigation by Matt Fakhoury and his staff, new witnesses and evidence were brought to the attention of prosecutors allowing for a dismissal of the Attempted Murder charges.

Are you charged with a serious felony?  Contact the Law Offices of Matt Fakhoury for an independent investigation of the case.

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