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If you’re like many people who have picked up home invasion charges in Chicago, you’re nervous about what’s going to happen next. Here’s what you need to know.

Home Invasion Charges in Chicago

Home invasion is a serious crime – and if the court convicts you, you’re looking at prison time. In most cases, home invasion is a Class X felony.

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Do You Need a Lawyer if You’re Charged With Home InvasionIllinois law is very clear on home invasion charges. The jury can find you guilty if you knowingly go into someone’s home when someone who lives there is present (or when you wait until someone gets home) without permission.

The jury can also find you guilty of home invasion if you:

  • Misrepresent who you are to get in (such as pretending you’re the cable guy)
  • Intentionally injure people in the home
  • Have a dangerous weapon and use force (or threaten to use force)
  • Have a firearm and use force (or threaten to use force)
  • Discharge a firearm, whether or not someone is injured
  • Commit sexual assault or sexual abuse

Do You Need a Lawyer if You’re Charged With Home Invasion?

Under the U.S. Constitution, anyone who’s accused of a crime is entitled to legal counsel. Working with a lawyer can help you understand the charges you’re facing, and your attorney can explain what types of penalties are possible if the court convicts you.

When you work with an attorney, he’ll be able to argue on your behalf and defend you in court.

Remember, it’s up to the prosecutor to prove that you’re guilty – you and your attorney don’t have to prove that you’re innocent. Your lawyer will force the prosecutor to prove his or her case against you.

Home Invasion Charges: A Class X Felony

In most cases, home invasion is a Class X felony. Class X felonies come with the most severe punishments. If the court convicts you of home invasion, you could spend anywhere between 6 and 30 years in prison.

Even worse, if there are “aggravating factors” – things that make the crime worse in the eyes of the law, like having a victim over the age of 60 or committing a hate crime – you could spend between 30 and 60 years in prison.

Do You Need to Talk to an Attorney in Chicago About Home Invasion Charges?

If you’re accused of home invasion, whether you’ve just been arrested or you’ve already been formally charged, we may be able to help you.

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