Let’s face it: if you get pulled over for drinking and driving, you’re going to want to talk to a Skokie DUI lawyer who will take immediate action on your behalf.


Because the consequences of DUI in Skokie are just as severe as they are elsewhere in the state—and you can’t afford to gamble with your future.

What Your Skokie DUI Lawyer Will Do

Your Skokie DUI lawyer—the attorney you hire who’s familiar with the Skokie court system, prosecutors, and judges—will take immediate action if you’re accused of drinking and driving. He has to; the sooner your lawyer delves into the circumstances of your case, the sooner he’ll be able to build the defense that gets you the best possible outcome.

Your Skokie DUI Lawyer Will Ask Questions

Your attorney will ask you questions and examine the evidence in your case. He’ll evaluate whether:

  • Police were legally allowed to pull you over
  • You were processed into custody properly
  • You were interrogated by investigators, and whether police failed to inform you of your rights

Your Skokie DUI lawyer will also examine the results of your breathalyzer or field sobriety test to determine whether police made errors.

These technicalities need to be examined immediately so your lawyer can build a solid defense.

Another reason to hire an attorney immediately: having a skilled lawyer by your side during your bond or pretrial hearing can make a huge difference in your case’s outcome.

Is Your Skokie DUI Lawyer a Trial Lawyer?

While many people hire the first Skokie DUI lawyer they come across, it’s in your best interest to think before you hire.

The truth is that many prosecutors don’t want to go to trial. They want to negotiate pleas, because they certainly don’t want to take the risk of losing in court.

And that’s why a trial lawyer—one who’s a former Cook County prosecutor himself—may be your best shot at a solid defense.

If you need to talk to an experienced DUI lawyer in Skokie, call us immediately at 847-920-4540 for a free DUI case evaluation. You don’t have the luxury of waiting, so call us for help right away.

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