Is Everything You Say to Your Lawyer Confidential - Skokie Criminal Attorney Matt Fakhoury

If you’re like most people who are facing criminal charges, you’re not sure how much you should tell your attorney – and how much he’s required to keep to himself.

Here’s what you need to know.

Is Everything You Tell Your Attorney Confidential?

When you hire an attorney, everything you tell him is confidential. He can’t call his mother to discuss your case, post about it on social media or tell the prosecutor that you’re definitely guilty of a crime. Your lawyer’s job is to preserve your rights as someone who’s been accused of a crime, and he wouldn’t be able to do that if he couldn’t keep the information you told him confidential.

Can You Admit Guilt to Your Attorney?

Here’s the bottom line: You can tell your attorney whatever you want to tell him – but remember that he’ll ask you for answers that he needs and that will help him defend you in court. You should tell your attorney as much as you can about your case, because he understands the law and how to help protect your rights, regardless of whether you’re guilty or innocent of the charges the state has brought against you.

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