Violation of a bail bond is a serious offense in the state of Illinois—and it could land you in serious hot water with the courts.

What is Bond Violation in Illinois?

bond violation occurs when you do something that goes against the conditions outlined in your bond. The judge in your case is the one who sets the conditions for setting you free. For example, the judge in your case may agree to let you out of jail provided that you don’t leave the state, you don’t contact a certain person (or a group of people), you refrain from using drugs, or you complete some type of counseling program. If you fail to meet those conditions—or if you do something that goes directly against the judge’s orders—you could be found guilty of bond violation.

Illinois law is very clear about what happens if you violate the conditions of your bond, and for most people, it makes sense to work with a bond violation lawyer in Chicago.

What Can a Bond Violation Lawyer Do for You?

Your Illinois criminal defense lawyer will examine the original conditions of your bond and ask you about what you did to allegedly violate them. Your lawyer is also going to examine the evidence the courts have against you; sometimes one party just doesn’t understand the conditions or has made a mistake.

Once your attorney has all the information he needs, he’ll begin building a defense strategy that helps you get the best possible outcome in court.

Do You Need to Talk to a Bond Violation Lawyer?

If you need to talk to a bond violation lawyer in Chicago, Skokie, or Rolling Meadows, we may be able to help you. Call us at 847-920-4540 for a free case evaluation. We’ll be happy to provide you with case-specific legal advice you can use to begin moving forward.

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