So You Violated Your Probation... Now What?

If you violated probation – even if you haven’t yet received a notice from your probation officer yet – you could be in serious trouble. In the worst cases, probation officers request to send people back to jail. But all hope isn’t lost; there may be something you can do to explain your side of the story to the court. Here’s what you need to know.

So You Violated Your Probation… Now What?

Probation violations are serious in Illinois, even if you don’t feel like what you did was a big deal. Whether you were arrested, failed to perform community service or pay fines, tested positive for drugs or alcohol, or failed to report, you could end up behind bars over the violation.

If you violated the terms of your probation, there are three things you should do immediately:

  1. Contact a probation violation attorney immediately
  2. Explain the circumstances that led to your probation violation
  3. Listen to your lawyer’s advice

Here’s a closer look at each.

Probation Violation Step 1: Contact a Probation Violation Attorney Immediately

Your first step should always be to contact an experienced probation violation attorney as soon as possible. The sooner your lawyer knows about the situation, the better they can help you. We’re always available at 847-920-4540.

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Probation Violation Step 2: Explain the Circumstances that Led to Your Probation Violation

After you call us, explain what happened. Tell us why you missed your reporting appointment or what led to other types of violations. Often, there’s a perfectly good explanation – and we need to hear it so we can accurately represent you.

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Probation Violation Step 3: Listen to Your Lawyer’s Advice

After we hear your side of the story, we’ll give you our honest assessment and let you know what we think the best course of action is. It’s important that you listen to your lawyer’s advice and follow their guidance – they’re the experts.

If you violated your probation, don’t wait to take action. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help. Contact us today at 847-920-4540 for a free consultation.

Note: Probation violations are serious and each situation is unique. You should always speak to an experienced probation violation attorney about your specific case.

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