Officers from the Chicago PD are frisking you, and you’re panicking. It’s only going to be moments until they find what you’re carrying – and a million things are running through your mind. Many people who are caught with drugs in Chicago and its suburbs, from Rolling Meadows to Skokie, feel the exact same way.

What are you supposed to do?

What Happens after You’re Caught with Drugs

If you’re caught with drugs in Chicago or anywhere near it, you’ll most likely be taken into police custody. Once you arrive at the jail, police will fingerprint you and enter you into the system. You’re allowed to make a phone call, which should be to a Chicago drug defense lawyer; you can ask your attorney to get in touch with your family members if you’d like.

Your lawyer will probably have many questions for you. He’ll likely ask:

  • Whether you’ve been charged
  • If you’ve been charged with other crimes at the same time
  • Whether you’ve ever been charged with a crime or convicted of a crime prior to this incident
  • How you were treated by police and everything that happened during your arrest

He has to ask you these questions, because he’s using all of the information you give him to build you the best defense. In many cases, drugs are found during an illegal search – and if your attorney is able to prove that your search was illegal, that

Drug Possession: Penalties in Cook County and Beyond

Chicago and the surrounding areas are all pretty tough on controlled substance charges. Pot possession is a misdemeanor, but having cocaine or heroin is a felony. If police claim that you intended to deliver those drugs to someone else, the penalties are generally far worse than they would be if you only had the drugs for personal use.

You could end up paying fines, spending time in jail, or being sentenced to prison. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to an attorney who can fight for your rights and get you the best possible outcome in your case.

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