Is Possession of Meth a Felony in Illinois?


If you’re like many people, you know that possession of methamphetamine is a crime in Illinois. But is it a felony? This guide explains.

Is Possession of Meth a Felony in Illinois?

If the police catch you with methamphetamine in your possession, regardless of how much you have, you’re looking at a felony. The more methamphetamine you have in your possession, the more serious the state of Illinois considers the crime. Additionally, being in possession of meth within 1,000 feet of a school, place of worship, public park or movie theater can make your charges more severe.

At the most basic level, the following table outlines the penalties for possession of meth in Illinois.

Amount of Meth Felony Classification Prison Sentence Fines
Less than 5 grams Class 3 2 to 5 years $25,000
5 to15 grams Class 2 3 to 7 years $25,000
15 to 100 grams Class 1 4 to 15 years $25,000
100 to 400 grams Class X 6 to 30 years $100,000
400 to 900 grams Class X 8 to 40 years $200,000
900 or more grams Class X 10 to 50 years $300,000

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What if You’re Charged With a Felony for Meth Possession?

If the state of Illinois charges you with a felony for possessing methamphetamine, it may be in your best interest to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will most likely ask you several questions about the circumstances leading up to your arrest, as well as other questions, such as whether the methamphetamine was yours, what happened during and after your arrest, and whether you answered any questions that the police asked you.

Your lawyer will begin building a defense strategy that gets you the best possible outcome as soon as he has all the facts.

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