It’s no secret that ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends are snooping on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, but you might be surprised to discover that others are looking, too. From potential employers and landlords to law enforcement officers, anybody can see what you post on public profiles.

If you’re caught up in legal trouble and social media is somehow involved, call a Chicago criminal defense attorney right away. No matter what you’ve been accused of doing, working with a lawyer as soon as possible is usually your best bet.

When Social Media is Used for Spying

Public profiles are just that: public. Even if your profiles are not public and friends of friends can see the things that you post, they might as well be public. What it boils down to is that you voluntarily posted evidence that can (and probably will) be used against you in court.

It’s not uncommon for police, prosecutors and detectives to cruise social media sites to get the information they need. There have been numerous cases where Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts have been used as evidence and the accused were convicted as a result. Check out these instances of social media becoming the enemy:

These aren’t the only cases, either. A convicted felon in Florida was busted with weapons and charged with 142 separate felonies when a deputy found his Instagram page packed with pictures that were used as evidence.

The point is that you should never post anything on social media that you wouldn’t want your grandma, your pastor or the police to see. If you have, and you’ve gotten into trouble, make sure you get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer who understands the impact those social media posts will have on your case.

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