A Domestic Battery conviction can ruin your life.  As a former prosecutor, Attorney Matt Fakhoury is aware that a contentious divorce may sometimes lead to accusations of domestic violence when one spouse accuses the other of a battery in an attempt to gain leverage in a divorce.

In cases of Domestic Battery, the police will arrest the accused and take him or her to the police station lockup.  After posting bond, the accused is released, but is not allowed to return to the home for a minimum of 72 hours.  In addition, an order of protection is often issued and a court date is assigned.  During this period, the defendant is not allowed to be in the family home.  If there are children involved, he or she will have to wait several weeks, if not months, before being allowed to see the children.

If you have recently been charged with Domestic Battery, Attorney Matt Fakhoury has the experience to aggressively defend your case.  A conviction can significantly affect your life and will have permanent, lasting effects.  Under Illinois law, Domestic Battery is a Class A misdemeanor.  A second Domestic Battery conviction could be a felony.  Attorney Matt Fakhoury will aggressively defend you in court and seek to avoid a conviction.

If you have been accused of Domestic Battery in Illinois, it is imperative that you hire an attorney.  At the Law Offices of Matt Fakhoury, we will review the evidence against you and carefully examine all aspects of your case.  We will meticulously craft a thorough, aggressive defense that addresses the specific elements of your case, thereby assuring the best possible outcome.

Do not allow a Domestic Battery accusation to impact your life and future plans.  Call the Law Offices of Matt Fakhoury today for a free case review at (847) 920-4540.

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