Standardized field sobriety tests are administered during a DUI investigation to assess your ability to think and act with ordinary care.  What many people do not know is that these tests can be difficult even for people who have not consumed alcohol.
For example, many people have injured backs, legs, knees, or ankles that prevent them from balancing well or walking a straight line.  In addition, age, weight, eyesight and general health can prevent a sober individual from passing the field sobriety tests. These are not excuses as a police officer may suggest.  Rather, these are legitimate pieces of evidence that are relevant in a DUI trial.
As a client of The Law Offices of Matt Fakhoury, your health, wellness, and medical history will all be used to help fight the case against you.  Medical records and expert testimony can be used at trial to prove that you did not have a fair shake at performing the field sobriety tests.
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