The first question that is usually asked after a retail theft has been committed is “what was stolen?”.  If you are charged with retail theft, the question that should be asked is if you are suffering from a substance abuse problem.
This question is critical because it could provide a way of not only addressing an addiction, but also a way of avoiding jail.  At the Law Offices of Matt Fakhoury we recognize that offenses such as Retail Theft, Burglary, and even Robbery are crimes that are committed in order to feed a drug habit.
Unfortunately, people addicted to drugs or alcohol commit theft related offenses to covert stolen merchandise into cash to feed their addition.  The way to address this from both an individual and societal perspective is not to lock up the offender and throw away the key.  Rather, the Law Offices of Matt Fakhoury we will explore other options to keep you out of custody.
Matt Fakhoury, a Chicago Retail Theft Attorney has kept several Retail Theft clients out of jail by getting the Judge to approve substance abuse treatment programs monitored by the court in lieu of incarceration.  These programs get to the heart of the issue and benefit not only the individual facing charges, but also society at large.
If you have been charged with Retail Theft, Contact Attorney Matt Fakhoury for a free case consultation.
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