DUI Defenses in Illinois

If you’re convicted of drunk driving, you’ll face serious consequences like jail time, the loss of your driving privileges and more – and the conviction will stay on your record forever. So are there any good DUI defenses that you could use?

Here’s what you need to know.

DUI Defenses in Illinois

Many people choose to work with a DUI defense attorney to get the best possible outcome on their cases. Your attorney may come up with several possible DUI defenses, including those that call into question the validity of your sobriety tests or the legality of the original traffic stop. For example, your attorney may argue that:

  • Blood or breath test results are inaccurate
  • The police stopped you illegally
  • Field sobriety testing is not always accurate, and many people cannot be accurately judged by these subjective tests
  • The officer that arrested you had a prior disciplinary record
  • That there are independent witnesses who can testify on your behalf
  • The police did not have probable cause to arrest you
  • That you were on private property at the time of your arrest

There are several other DUI defenses your attorney may choose to use, as well. Your lawyer will evaluate your situation – including the circumstances that led up to your arrest – and create a strategy that gets you the best possible outcome.

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DUI Arrests During the Holidays

It’s not unusual for the police to set up DUI checkpoints around Chicago during the holidays. Sometimes police departments put more officers on shift during common times for catching drunk drivers, too.

If you’re stopped for DUI, whether it’s at a checkpoint or just on the side of the road, the officer will most likely ask you for your registration, license and proof of insurance. He or she will be evaluating whether you “look” or “seem” drunk or under the influence at that time. If you smell like alcohol, police will become suspicious.

Try to avoid getting into a prolonged conversation with the police officer you encounter. Again, he or she will be trying to figure out if you’ve had anything to drink – so the less you say, the better.

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