After a DUI Conviction in Illinois: BAIID Explained

If you’re convicted of drunk driving in Chicago (or elsewhere in Illinois), you may have to install a breath alcohol ignition interlock device on your car. But what is this device, what does it do, and how long do you have to keep it? This guide explains.

After a DUI Conviction in Illinois: BAIID Explained

A breath alcohol ignition interlock device, or BAIID, is a device that prevents you from starting your car if you’ve been drinking. This device requires you to breathe into a tube prior to turning your ignition; then, the device measures the amount of alcohol on your breath. If it’s too high, your car won’t start.

Don’t think you can pull one over on the device by having a friend breathe into it for you, either. The state of Illinois requires a camera unit attached to the BAIID to capture the driver’s image during the breath test. 

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Who Has to Get a BAIID?

If you qualify for driving relief after your first DUI conviction – meaning that you qualify to get limited driving privileges back (such as when you have to drive yourself to work) – you’ll have to get a BAIID installed in your car. 

You also have to get a BAIID installed in your car if you have two or more DUI convictions if you want to earn your driving privileges back. You must keep a BAIID in your vehicle for five continuous years; that’s a condition of getting your driving privileges back in the future.

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Who Pays for the BAIID After a DUI Conviction?

You pay for your own BAIID after a DUI conviction. 

Can You Avoid Getting a BAIID?

The only way to avoid getting a BAIID in your car after a first drunk driving conviction is to chose not to apply for reinstatement of your driving privileges. If you drive anyway, you’ll be charged with a Class 4 felony.

If you have had a second or subsequent DUI conviction, you’re required to get one. You can’t avoid it.

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