What Happens During a Free Consultation With a Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you’re like most people, you’ve seen lawyers all over the place advertising free consultations – but what happens during a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney? What can you expect? This guide explains.

What Happens During a Free Consultation With a Criminal Defense Attorney?

When you book a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney, you’re getting an opportunity to talk to an attorney about the specifics of your case – but you also have the opportunity to find out whether the attorney is a good fit for you. You can, and should, get a free consultation with a different attorney if the first one wasn’t the right choice.

During your free consultation, the attorney will ask you questions about your case – most likely starting off with something like, “How can I help you?” It’s up to you to tell the attorney the basic facts of your case; if you’ve been charged with a crime, let the lawyer know which crime. You can ask questions about nearly anything, such as:

  • What kind of penalties am I facing if I’m convicted? 
  • Is this a felony or misdemeanor?
  • Will I go to prison if the court finds me guilty?
  • Is there a way to defend against charges like these?

The attorney you’re talking to will most likely ask you some questions, too. If you want the most accurate information possible, be honest when the lawyer asks you things – an attorney can’t give you solid legal advice without all the facts.

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You can also ask questions to find out whether the lawyer will be a good fit, such as:

  • How much experience do you have with cases like mine?
  • What’s your fee, and how do I pay it?
  • What can I expect from you as my lawyer?
  • How will I communicate with you?
  • Do you have any ideas on how to proceed with my case, based on what I’ve told you so far?

The free consultation is a great way for you – and the attorney – to figure out whether you should work together. You can use your time discussing anything related to the attorney’s services or your case, and if you’re not comfortable with one lawyer, that’s okay; you can call another. 

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