Can You Bring a Gun to Illinois?

If you’re a non-resident of the state of Illinois, you must comply with local and state laws when it comes to bringing a gun into the state. Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Bring a Gun to Illinois?

Assuming you’re legally allowed to own a firearm and to carry that firearm, you are generally allowed to bring it with you to the state of Illinois. However, non-residents must comply with gun case laws for transporting the firearm to and within the state.

Gun Case Laws in Illinois

There are three codes that govern possession, transfer and transportation of firearms in Illinois: The Criminal Code, the Wildlife Code, and the Firearm Owner’s Identification Act.

Under the Illinois Criminal Code, if you have a valid Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card, you may transport a firearm anywhere in your vehicle or on your person, as long as it’s unloaded and enclosed in a case, firearm carrying box, shipping box or other container. You can also transport firearms that aren’t immediately accessible or that are broken down in a non-functioning state. 

However, the Wildlife Code requires you to have a valid FOID card, and the weapon must be unloaded and stored in a case. If you fail to comply with the law and one of the following factors are present, you may face a Class 4 felony (with penalties of up to three years in prison):

  • The firearm is uncased, loaded and immediately accessible at the time of the offense
  • The firearm is uncased and unloaded, but ammunition is immediately accessible at the time fo the offense
  • You do not have a valid FOID card
  • You were previously adjudicated of a felony as a juvenile
  • You were engaged in a misdemeanor violation of the Controlled Substances Act or another relevant act
  • You are a member of a street gang
  • You have had an order of protection against you in the past two years
  • You were committing or attempting to commit a misdemeanor involving the use of violence against another person or while located in the property of another
  • You are under the age of 21 and in possession of a handgun, unless you’re engaged in lawful recreational activities

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