What Are the Penalties for Home Invasion in Chicago - Criminal Defense

If you’re charged with home invasion in Chicago, you could be looking at a Class X felony – and that means you probably need to talk to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

What is Home Invasion?

Under Illinois law, home invasion occurs when you enter someone’s home when you know that the person is home (or when you wait for them to get home), or if you falsely represent yourself (such as pretending to be working for the government, a utility company or something else) to get in.

Penalties for a Home Invasion Conviction

If you are armed with a dangerous weapon, use force or threaten to use force, or intentionally injure someone (not with a firearm), it’s a Class X felony – and if you have a firearm, the court can add 25 years to your sentence.

If you discharge a firearm during a home invasion, the court can add 20 years to your sentence; if you discharge a firearm and cause great bodily harm, permanent disability, permanent disfigurement or death, the court can add 25 years or more to your sentence (up to a term of natural life).

What Your Lawyer Needs to Know

When you’re charged with home invasion, it’s best to talk to an attorney right away – before you even start to answer questions. In fact, you shouldn’t answer anything without your lawyer present; all you have to do is politely tell the police that you’d like to speak your attorney first.

Your attorney will probably ask you several questions about the alleged incident. It’s your job to answer him honestly! He’ll want to know:

  • What you were doing before the alleged incident
  • Why the police believe you committed a crime
  • What type of evidence the prosecutor might have against you
  • Whether there are any witnesses who know what happened during the alleged incident

Do You Need to Talk to a Lawyer About Home Invasion Charges in Chicago?

If you’ve been accused of home invasion, call a Chicago criminal defense attorney for a free case review at 847-920-4540 now. We may be able to help you, so don’t wait – get in touch with us as soon as possible.



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