When Are Chicago Courts Reopening

If you’re like many people, your court case has been on hold for weeks (or even months) because the courts have been closed for in-person proceedings.

But now, after being closed for months, a handful cases are starting to move through the system. Many hearings are still being held by video conference to help avoid face-to-face contact and limit the spread of COVID-19, though.

“As we continue to navigate these times, the court will allow access to justice to the extent we safely can,” Chief Judge Evans said. “We will continue to hold many hearings via videoconference, and we remain committed to ongoing efforts to protect the health of everybody in our system of justice.”

How Do You Know if You’re Going to Court?

If you’re not sure whether you’re supposed to attend court, your attorney will let you know. You can also call 312-603-5030 or visit CookCountyClerkOfCourt.com to get details on how to get email or texts about court dates.

What About Jury Trials in Chicago – Are They on Hold?

Cook County still isn’t holding jury trials (neither for criminal nor civil proceedings). Traffic tickets and misdemeanor cases aren’t being heard in person, either. All these matters are addressed through video conferences, and if you’re party to one, you’ll be notified about your next court date by mail.

What if You’re Arrested Now?

If you’re arrested during the coronavirus pandemic, you still have the right to an attorney and your case will still move through the judicial system. It may look different from what you’d expect (meaning you may have to videoconference with a judge and your attorney), but your lawyer will still be working on your case and helping you get the best possible outcome. Even if your case can’t go to court right now, such as when you’ll be having a jury trial, don’t worry – your lawyer is building your defense and preparing to go to bat for you when it’s time.

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