Attorney for Felony Charges


Do you need an attorney for felony charges?

If you’ve been arrested for a felony, whether it’s related to drinking and driving, robbery or a sex crime (or anything else), you might want to work with an attorney. Here’s what you need to know.

Do You Need an Attorney for Felony Charges?

Many people choose to work with a public defender – or even to defend themselves in court against felony charges. There’s nothing wrong with either of those things… but many people find that having an experienced professional in their corner is tremendously helpful.

Here’s why:

  • Experienced attorneys often know the judges and prosecutors in criminal cases, which means they’ve already established relationships with these people. Further, they’re familiar with the tactics prosecutors may use to prove that you’re guilty in your case – and they’re familiar with the ways judges often rule.
  • Defense attorneys for felony charges typically know Illinois criminal law exceptionally well. They know what the prosecutor has to show to prove that you’re guilty, and they know what affirmative defenses (if there are any that apply in your case) can show the judge that your actions aren’t cause for punishment.
  • Sometimes attorneys can help negotiate plea bargains where appropriate. For example, the prosecutor in your case may be willing to accept a guilty plea from you in exchange for dropping some charges.
  • Experienced lawyers might be able to get your charges reduced, lessen the penalties or even find a way to get your case dismissed. While no two cases are the same, having an experienced attorney who knows the law working on your behalf can be beneficial.
  • Attorneys can talk to you about possible outcomes of your case. Again, no two cases are the same – but your lawyer will be able to explain to you the potential consequences you’re facing.

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Do You Need to Talk to an Attorney for Felony Charges?

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