Do You Lose Your License for DUI in Illinois?

If you’re arrested for drunk driving in the state of Illinois, you need to know that you’ll be facing stiff penalties. Even a first offense DUI in Illinois is a Class A misdemeanor, which means you could end up spending time behind bars, paying hefty fines and Even losing your driving privileges. This guide explains what happens to your driving privileges after a DUI conviction.

Do You Lose Your License for DUI in Illinois?

It’s possible to lose your license for DUI in Illinois – even on your first offense. In Illinois, driving is a privilege, and the state can take it away from you.

If you’re over the age of 21 when you get a drunk driving charge, you’ll lose your license for at least a year. If you’re younger than 21, you’ll lose your license for longer. And regardless of your age, the state of Illinois will suspend your vehicle registration. That means you’re not driving anywhere, and nobody’s driving your car, either.

In some cases, you lose more than your driver’s license. You lose your freedom. The court can send you to jail and require you to perform community service. In fact, under certain circumstances, you also have to pay mandatory minimum fines. You can learn about all the potential penalties here: First-offense DUI in Illinois.

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What About a CDL and a DUI?

If you have a commercial driver’s license, you’ll lose it with a DUI conviction. Though your attorney may be able to argue that you need to get to and from work, you aren’t going to get to keep your CDL. You’ll lose that license for at least a year – and if you drive HAZMAT vehicles, you may lose it for much longer.

What Type of Crime is DUI?

Your first offense and second offense DUI are Class A misdemeanors, but subsequent offenses are more serious crimes. For example:

  • Third and fourth DUI convictions are Class 2 felonies
  • Fifth DUI convictions are Class 1 felonies
  • Sixth and subsequent DUI convictions are Class X felonies

As you can imagine, the penalties for these felony charges are much more severe than those for misdemeanor charges. These convictions often result in prison time.

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