With Labor Day just around the corner, Chicagoland residents are anxiously awaiting the extended weekend. That extra day of weekend relaxation is wonderful (and often long overdue). If you plan on celebrating this Labor Day weekend, make sure everyone has a safe ride home. Make sure you and others do not get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

While my clients understand the risks of driving while intoxicated, they sometimes underestimate (a) just how much alcohol they consumed and (b) the physical and mental impairments stemming from said alcohol consumption. Please plan ahead and designate a sober driver prior to any weekend celebrations. There will be extra police patrols in force this weekend. Police can and will use any minor violation to conduct a traffic stop, especially if they suspect the driver is under the influence.

Drunk driving is a serious offense in Illinois. A DUI conviction could result in fines, a license suspension, and even jail time. If you have been arrested for DUI, it is imperative to work with an experienced attorney. As a former Cook County prosecutor, Attorney Matt Fakhoury will aggressively and strategically defend your DUI case.

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