Cook County Courts Are Closed - But You Can Still Get Help

Cook County has (sort-of) closed its courts for at least a month – but that doesn’t mean that if you’re in trouble, you can’t get help. And the courts are still running, although “there will be fewer cases,” according to a statement from Chief Judge Timothy Evans’ office.

If Your Loved One is in Jail During the Coronavirus Epidemic…

Chicago police are still arresting people and putting them in jail. It’s important to remember that even though this coronavirus pandemic is halting many of the legal proceedings that would ordinarily take place after an arrest, people accused of a crime still have the right to an attorney.

In all adult criminal cases in Chicago and the surrounding communities, bond hearings and arraignments are continuing. Additionally, people accused of crimes can still enter into plea agreements. Juvenile cases are a little different; juveniles who have been charged will only be part of detention hearings and cases in which they’ve formally requested a trial.

The courts will still hold child abuse and neglect hearings when the state of Illinois is seeking custody of a child, and emergency allegations of abuse for kids in foster care.

The bottom line, though, is that if someone’s been accused of a crime, he or she is still entitled to legal representation.

Should You Call a Lawyer?

If your loved one is in jail, or if you’re facing criminal charges yourself, you can still work with an attorney to plan to resolve your case.

We’re offering completely free consultations by phone, email or even Skype or FaceTime during the coronavirus pandemic. You do not have to put your whole life on hold – or wait to get help from a criminal defense lawyer – because we can’t meet face-to-face!

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