5 Things NOT to Do if You're Arrested in Rolling Meadows

If you’re arrested in Rolling Meadows, Skokie, Chicago or any other community in Illinois, these are five things you shouldn’t do – they put you at serious risk.

5 Things NOT to Do if You’re Arrested in Rolling Meadows

The bottom line is that police arrest dozens of people every day – and many of them are innocent. Nobody plans to be arrested, but if you are, following these tips can make everything easier on you:

  • Don’t talk
  • Don’t resist
  • Don’t run
  • Don’t let the police search you or your property
  • Don’t accept an offer to go into your house

#1. Don’t talk.

You don’t have to tell the police anything. You can simply say that you want to talk to an attorney – you don’t have to answer any questions or explain what really happened. In fact, if you talk to the police, everything you say can be used against you in court… and sometimes the things you say could be harmful to your case, even if you’re innocent.

#2. Don’t resist.

Do not resist police – even if you know they have the wrong person or you’re completely innocent. If you resist, police have the right to subdue you, and that can be extremely dangerous. Ten times out of ten, you will lose a fight with a police officer, even if you’re bigger or stronger. Don’t even make the mistake of trying to swat away the cop’s hands… because he or she could end up reporting it as an assault.

#3. Don’t run.

If you take off running, police are going to chase you – and they have guns. Do not run from the police. The time to fight your case is in court, not on the streets. Running gets more police involved, it leads to a search for you, and it can convince judges that you were guilty… because innocent people don’t run from the cops.

#4. Don’t let the police search you or your property.

Police can search your person if they arrest you (which means going through your pockets and, in some cases, looking into the bag that you’re carrying). They can also search your car or the area immediately around you if they see something that’s against the law in plain view, like an open container of alcohol in the car or a roach sitting in an ashtray next to you.

But if police ask you for your consent to a search, say no. You need to say no even if you’re pretty sure you don’t have anything that’s illegal – because if police go ahead and search anyway, after you say, “You do not have my consent for a search,” your attorney might be able to exclude whatever they find from the evidence against you.

Cops ask for your consent because they don’t want to ask the court for a warrant to search your home, car or belongings – in many cases, judges say no to search warrants because they’re an invasion of your rights. However, if you consent, they don’t need a warrant.

Always let police know that they do not have your consent to search your vehicle, even if they’re being nice to you and you haven’t done anything wrong.

#5. Don’t accept an offer to go into your house.

If you’re at home, police might ask you if you want to go in and talk to your spouse, grab a jacket or say goodbye to your kids. Never accept that offer – because if you do, the police will escort you in, and they’ll be looking everywhere for evidence. If police see something illegal, or if they think they can see evidence for whatever crime you’re accused of, they will tear your house apart in a search.

You don’t need a jacket, you can call your spouse and kids from jail (after you call a lawyer), and you definitely don’t need the police nosing around in your home without a warrant.

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