Mr. Fakhoury did an exceptional overall job
April 18, 2015

Mr. Fakhoury did an exceptional overall job with handling my traffic case a few months ago. Matt was referred to me by a known personal injury attorney who stated Mr. Fakhoury was one of the best in the business. With what seemed to be an easy case to get dismissed, it was just the opposite. I had two traffic tickets which were pinned on me by an individual who blamed me for an accident. There was a mishap in the beginning of the hearing which lead to a quick judge trial after all other cases were done with. Matt was able to stay focused and I felt like he actually cared about the outcome, which ment a lot. After about a 45-1hr trial the case was dismissed and I was very pleased. The price I paid Matt is nothing compared to the work he accomplished in such little time. If I had to do it again I wouldn’t want anyone else representing me when it comes to traffic court. The man is a genius. He puts his mouth where the money is.