I hired Matt after getting into some serious trouble.
March 17, 2013

I hired Matt after getting into some serious trouble. I work in a accounting firm and was arrested of possession of controlled substance (approx 2.7 gr) which is a Class 4 felony. Having a clean background , and a good job this was a serious charge. I called Matt, and he explained what he would try to do, given my background. When court came around, I could over hear states attorney say she didn’t want to offer drug class, but proceed. Matt talked to the supervising states attorney, and got me drug class. This is 2 hours a day , for four Saturdays, then the case is dismissed . After that I can expunge my record. I shouldn’t of even qualified for this, but Matt got me into this program, and literally got my life back. As a former states attorney he has great knowledge of the system, is very responsive, and really works with you. This was the first (and will be the last) I need to hire an attorney for criminal offense, but I would definitely recommend him.