What to Do if You're Pulled Over for DUI in Chicago This Holiday Season

The holidays are prime time for DUIs in Chicago and the surrounding communities. Police often set up checkpoints throughout major cities – and that can spell disaster for anyone who’s drinking and driving.

What to Do if You’re Pulled Over for DUI in Chicago This Holiday Season

If you get pulled over by the police, your best bet is to follow these steps:

  • Find a safe place to pull over. Remember, the police officer who’s pulling you over is making observations about how you’re driving and what you do from this point forward.
  • Avoid making sudden, suspicious movements. Keep your hands on the wheel until the officer approaches your vehicle. Roll down the window and wait for the officer to speak first.
  • Be polite. If you’re rude or hostile toward the police officer, he or she will be on-guard, and you don’t want to be seen as combative (or worse, as a risk to the officer).
  • Avoid giving incriminating answers. Don’t lie to the police, but try to avoid volunteering any information (like “I only had three or four drinks, officer.”).
  • Think about what happens if you refuse a field sobriety test. You can refuse a field sobriety test, but you can expect the officer to arrest you and take you to the police station to have your blood analyzed for alcohol – and you’ll forfeit your license for a year. However, it takes time to get to the police station and wait for someone to draw your blood. You may also be able to ask the police to give you a breathalyzer test instead of a blood test after you are already at the police station and you have been processed into custody.

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